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    Exploding Whales

    Exploding Whales

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    The Exploding Whale identity is a reference to an event that occurred in November of 1970 in the city of Florence. A 45-foot-long sperm whale washed ashore on the coast that weighed just short of eight tons. The state’s Highway division had jurisdiction over the beaches and after consulting with the United States Navy, they decided to remove the whale using dynamite. The hope was that it would result in small pieces for animals to consume. The result was an event that would be remembered in the history books. 

    The Eugene Emeralds have announced their Exploding Whale alternate identity. Starting in April, the Emeralds will become the Exploding Whales for four different games (April 22, May 6, May 26, and August 19).  The Emeralds have worked with the city of Florence, the mayor, city counsel and other business leaders in Florence to carefully create this alternate identity.